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NPTC/Lantra Training in:

Level 2 Awards

*Chainsaw maintenance & cross cutting  *Felling & processing trees up to 380mm  *Branch removal & crown breakdown using a chainsaw  *Accessing a tree using a rope & harness  *Ground based chainsaw operation  *Tree climbing & rescue

 Level 3 Awards

*Felling & processing trees over 380mm  *Severing uprooted or windblown trees using a chainsaw  *Assisted fell operations  *Preparing & agreeing emergency tree work operations  *Emergency tree work operations  *Aerial tree rescue operations  *Aerial tree pruning  *Aerial cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free fall techniques  *Installation & maintenance of structural tree supports


*Brushwood chipper operations  *MEWP (mobile elevated work platform)  * Utility arboriculture Units 2.1  2.2  2.3




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